Are you looking for the best wax containers, just like concentrate containers, to keep your wax safely stored and preserved in? Read and find out how to choose the best ones for your needs.

Types of Wax Storage Containers

These are generally of two types:

Airtight containers

Airtight means that the container has a lid that seals tightly around the top opening. This prevents any moisture from entering the container. A good wax container should seal tightly enough to prevent this.

Water-tight means that the container is sealed completely and does not allow any moisture to enter the container. Moisture can cause damp wax. If the container allows moisture to get inside, then it needs to be replaced immediately.

Non-airtight containers

As the name indicates, these containers are not sealed tightly which allow the entry of air and moisture inside. While these are cheaper in cost than air tight containers, you cannot store wax in them for long.

Just like dab containers, you have to be serious about getting the best wax container to preserve your wax, make it easier to be transported and ensure that it stays usable.

Keep in mind that wax should be stored for no longer than 6 months. If you’re storing your wax in a freezer, make sure that you don’t leave it there too long. Freezing wax causes it to become brittle and harden. This makes it difficult to work with.

Tips to choose the best wax containers

  1. Wax containers come in different sizes and shapes. Some of them are tall and skinny, some are short and wide, and others are round. There are many different types of wax containers out there that you can buy. So, if you want to make sure that you get the right container for your needs, you should know what type of shape and size you need before you go shopping.
  2. When choosing a wax container, you should consider how much space you need. If you don’t have enough room, then you might not be able to fit everything into your container. Also, look at the size of the container. A smaller container means less storage space. But, if you have a large amount of wax to store, then you may want to buy a larger container.
  3. Make sure that you pick a container that has a lid. This way, you will not have to worry about losing any of your wax.​