A joint holder, sometimes known as a doob tube, is a thin airtight tube used to store pre-rolled or half-smoked joints or blunts. They’re usually composed of polycarbonate plastic, glass, or metal, and they’re odor and water-resistant. And they’re available in a variety of lengths and widths to accommodate every joint-rolling preference. (If you want to roll extra-long or extra-fat ones, double-check the measurements.) The phrase can also apply to a tube through which smoke can be blown to mask odors, also known as a sploof, deodorizer, or smoke filter. Today, we will explain to you how a doob tube is being used and also talk about other things about this packaging that you need to know.

How to use a doob tube?

It’s quite simple to use a doob tube. If your plastic doob tubes do not arrive already opened, don’t worry; they are simple to open once you know how. Locate the side of the tube with a projecting lip near the lid to open the child-resistant lid. This can also refer to the side of the lid that is precisely opposite the hinge. Squeeze both sides of the doob tube just below the lid once you’ve found it. This will open the child-resistant lid, allowing convenient access and secure storage for your consumers. Simply snap the lid back down to secure the pre-roll within the tube after it has been placed. Doob tubes are resealable, odor-resistant, waterproof, airtight, child-resistant, and UV-resistant.

How long does a doob tube last?

Even the cheapest joint holder should survive for years if used properly. Some, on the other hand, are built to be unbreakable and never need to be replaced.

How long can you store joints in a doob tube?

A joint may be stored indefinitely in a nice sealed doob tube. Even well-kept cannabis, however, loses its potency with time. As a result, the longer you keep it, the weaker the impact will become. THC content decreases by roughly 16 percent after a year and by around 41 percent after four years, as previously stated on this page (give or take 6 or 7 percent for both those figures).

Doob tubes, on the other hand, are designed for transporting a joint on the move rather than long-term storage.

Can you wash a doob tube?

Yes. Soap and water should be enough; however, make sure the tube is completely dry before reusing it. A doob tube, on the other hand, shouldn’t need cleaning very often unless you’re using it to extinguish lighted joints to preserve for later.

Is it possible to place lighted joints in a doob tube? How to put out a joint that will be finished later

Saverette doob tubes are specifically developed for this purpose. Simply place the lit joint in the tube, close the lid, and the joint will be extinguished in 5 seconds, ready to be finished later. The extra benefit is that the joint is not damaged as a result of the stubbing. It is sent out by a lack of oxygen. As a result, any doob tube built from a heat-resistant and adequately sealed material should function. If you need to quit smoking quickly, this is a great option.


A doob tube is a nice packaging tool for keeping your joints safe, whether you are storing them for a long time or traveling. It is very easy to use and is efficient. Contact Creative Labz to get high-quality doob tubes to increase the shelf life of your joints.

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